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Processing and production stages of metals can be carried out at very high costs. Especially if a professional job is desired, the supply of the necessary machinery is realized with extremely high costs. The high costs incurred in metal production and processing are an important opportunity for supplier industries . The economic conditions offered by companies serving as sub-industry will be an incredible opportunity for many companies. If you want to reach the sub-industry and make business agreements with these companies, our site offers you many sub-industry companies. It will be up to you to choose among these companies, which have a high level of experience in metal processing and production. You can easily contact and establish business agreements and move your company forward. Automotive Sub-Industry Automobile and sub-industry has become one of the main manufacturing industries in Turkey today. It constitutes the infrastructure of the main automobile and subsidiary industry, as well as the defense industry and shipbuilding industry. While all parts were produced by large industrial manufacturers in the 1960s, with the increase in production capacity and the development of investments in the supplier industry, the supplier industry gained great importance and importance. Companies operating in the main automotive sector in Turkey work directly with companies in the automotive supplier industry. The main and sub-sectors of Turkish automobiles are concentrated in the Marmara region, especially in Bursa. There are 5,000 sub-industry companies in Turkey. The automotive sub-industry has the technology and quality workmanship to meet the spare parts needs of the vehicles produced in our country in terms of product production capacity, product types and standards reached. Products belonging to the automotive sub-sector are exported to many countries of the world. The main export markets are Germany, France, Italy, England, Romania, Spain, Belgium, Iran, Poland and the Russian Federation. Most of the automotive sub-industry export products have been exported to EU countries, primarily Germany, Italy, France and England. These sections can be listed as follows: Complete engine and engine parts driveline Brake systems and parts Hydraulic and pneumatic components suspension parts safety components Rubber and rubber parts Chassis components and parts Forging and casting parts Electrical equipment and lighting systems Batteries auto windows seats

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