Field Concrete and its applications

In the casting plan of Field Concrete and its applications, necessary precautions will be taken for structural joints and necessary arrangements will be made with reticulated steel bars for the concrete placed underground. At the preparatory stage, it will be checked whether all the requirements for concrete placement are met. Concrete pouring will be done with a plate that should be determined according to the size of the construction site and the ground concrete pouring area. The steel mold used as the anode is 3.00 meters long and 4.00 cm thick. The height of the steel formwork will be adjusted according to the height of the concrete face. Anion exchangers can be placed in the process of liquid level control using optical or laser measuring systems. Concrete curing is an extremely important issue for the durability of concrete and Field Concrete and its applications. It can prevent shrinkage cracks and concrete dust. The chemically cured material is sprayed evenly on the newly poured concrete or applied by rollers to the surface of fields, roads and slab concrete. For this reason, it prevents water vapor from escaping from the surface during condensation. Also use wet coatings for at least 3 days in curing applications in outdoor applications. While the field concrete is being built, heavy tonnage vehicles such as forklifts, trucks, lorries and buses are seen. Its movement should be taken into account and steel mesh or steel bars should be used on the ground. If the on-site concrete traffic is heavy, it will wear out more, so fiber or steel wire should be mixed with the concrete to be poured. Surface hardeners are another important issue in terms of strength. The cutting seam should be at least 1/3 of the concrete thickness. The joint spacing should be a maximum of 5x5. The surface hardener is made of natural concrete color grey, red, yellow and green in accordance with decorative requirements and technical specifications. Inorganic pigments used with colored natural mineral aggregates are materials resistant to alkaline effect and sunlight. How Can I Contact Field Concrete and Application Firms? To contact companies via the website, in the Sectors section of the website: Saha Concrete and its applications matches your search. You can search for companies by selecting the field. Thus, the area of ​​interest is determined and companies emerge. There is also a section on the site where companies can be listed on a city-by-city basis. In this section you will see all the companies associated with your city or the cities you need. To find companies more precisely, you can search by entering a familiar word or company name in the search field. In this section, you can also select a category, a sector, and add the names of your cities. You can even find a company by typing the name of the field and narrowing it down a bit. Finding a company on the site is the easiest task. Concrete pumps and construction workers will be sufficient when concrete casting is carried out in residential constructions. Columns, beams and decks can be quickly filled with concrete by directing the concrete pump. However, more professional processes are required for field concrete to be poured in factories, airports or similar large areas. Field concrete must be poured flat at the desired elevation. Extra processes are also carried out according to the coatings that will take place on it afterwards. This whole process is called field concrete and its applications. Companies that provide all the services required for field concrete casting are among the companies registered on our site. Construction companies that start a project with field concrete casting can contact these field concrete companies.

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