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Powder coating applications offer an attractive alternative to traditional coating processes due to its solvent-free surface quality, durability, paint recyclability, economy and environmental awareness. Powder coating application with paint shop and wet paint powder coating technologies is a completely dry coating system, which is a coating method based on the following principle: Since metal and powder coating particles are charged with different electrical charges, the powder material covers the metal surface under the influence of a magnet in a magnetic environment. Paint Shop and Wet Paint Powder Coating Technologies After the polymer powder is applied to the workpiece, the coating process is completed by melting and burning the polymer powder. Thanks to the paint recovery system in the cabinet, excess paint can be collected and reused to gain economic advantages. Electrostatic powder spraying is also a method that does not harm the environment since it does not contain organic substances to evaporate. Therefore, in addition to providing environmental protection, it can also provide potential savings in terms of waste problems, chimney and duct cleaning, storage and worker health compared to similar solvent-based paint spray systems. By using filter materials and paint sludge separators, necessary developments and solutions can be implemented within the framework of the necessary environmental protection law. It has a wide application area in many industrial areas with its wet paint application. Depending on your needs, manual elements and automated components can be used together in the painting process, or state-of-the-art development can be used to design a fully automated robotic painting process. Paint Pump Paint pump has long been successfully used by professional builders and has emerged with the advent of market relations tools. Most paint pumps are set on the atomizer principle, where energy is transferred from one medium to the paint by a fast-moving air stream to another. The air stream picks up the paint particles contained in a special storage tank, and the aerosol produced passes through the nozzle to create an aerosol stream. Careful use of the surface does not cause stains and marks that are common in brush and roller work. The spray gun is well suited for spraying complex shapes. The downside of the Paint Pump is that it is a professional tool, so it requires experience and skill: the sprayer's launcher will first leave "smudges", which means it may be too thick or too thin to paint in some places. You may need to repaint the entire surface to seal it. You can cover it with a smooth, thin and smooth surface. It promotes the application of compounds such as nitrolac and toner. A wide, slow-moving air jet is used to spray the paint onto the surface (slower than an ordinary spray gun using a compressor). Therefore, with the HVLP system, the loss from spraying the composition into the air is greatly reduced. This means that the wind will remove less paint, stains or varnish when working outdoors and reduce fogging in the workshop. Air passing through the nozzle performs two tasks: to disperse the liquid into the smallest droplets, to form a smooth layer on the cut surface, and then to deliver the resulting mist to your product. Due to the low pressure in the HVLP system, more viscous compounds such as latex paint or alkyd enamel must be diluted relative to liquid nitrolac or water-based compositions. The smaller the turbine power in the HVLP system, the higher the requirement for the diluted finishing agent. Paint Shop Equipment and Paint Pump How Can I Reach Companies? You can find a company by ticking the Paint Shop Equipment search box in the Sectors section of the website to contact companies through the İ site. This is how interests are determined and companies are created. The site also has a section where you can list companies by city. In this section, you can see all the companies you need for your city or region. To find companies more precisely, you can search by entering a familiar word or company name in the search field. In this section you can also select a category and sector and add the names of your cities. You can even find a company by entering a domain name and narrowing it down a bit. The easiest way to find a company is through their website. Making metals very durable together with cataphoresis painting is used in many different sectors. The metals taken to the paint shop are painted in a short time and made ready for use. With this dyeing technique, which exhibits a very good resistance to moisture and various negativities, very high quality products will emerge. Various equipments are needed in order to complete the processes perfectly in the dyehouse. In order to supply these equipments, the companies sought

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