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Cataphoresis Technology and Equipment paint coating; It is an "electrochemical paint coating" method with a closed-loop recycling process and is an environmentally friendly application. In powder and wet paint applications; Electrophoretic paint has the same corrosion resistance on both interior and exterior surfaces, regardless of the geometry of the part, and paint problems will arise depending on the shape of the part. Cataphoresis is a primer method that can form a film on the metal surface according to the electrochemical principle to improve the anti-corrosion property of the metal surface. Cataphoresis can prevent oxygen and moisture from reaching the plate surface and provide excellent conditions for long-term corrosion. Corrosion and melting caused by rust can be prevented by performing Cataphoresis, and the chassis can be protected as a trailer chassis by applying Cataphoresis. The process will run automatically. The film is controlled by voltage regulation and shows very fast coating performance. Cataphoresis technology is environmentally friendly. It is an economical and easy-to-use process that will not pollute the air and water, does not produce solid waste, does not cause fire hazard and harm to human health. There are 15 baths in our Cataphoresis line, including degreasing, activation, passivation, phosphate, Cataphoresis and bleaching baths. After the spray and droplets on the part are removed from the Cataphoresis process, the part is transferred to the dehydration and melting furnace. The dehydration furnace is used to remove all moisture from the electroplating film. When all the water is gone, the piece of food will enter the cooking oven. The paint film undergoes molecular transformation in the curing oven. Now, the electroplating solids are crosslinked together and the acrylic modified epoxy layer becomes smooth and even. This epoxy film is very dense, thin, smooth and resistant to various chemical attacks. How Can I Contact Cataphoresis Paint Shop Technology and Equipment Companies? You can find a company by ticking the Cataphoresis Technology and Equipment search box in the Sectors section of the website to contact companies. Thus, the area of ​​interest is determined and companies are formed. The site also has a section where you can list companies by city. In this section, you can see all the companies you need for your city or region. To find companies more precisely, you can search by entering a familiar word or company name in the search field. In this section you can also select a category and sector and add the names of your cities. You can even find a company by entering a domain name and narrowing it down a bit. The easiest way to find a company is through their website.

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